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Combination Cargo and Fuel Pod

eAeroFab announces the first combination cargo pod with a slide in/out fuel module that you can easily add or remove—without having to drop or change pods!

"Huge Access Door" by Charles Kopelson.
"CNC Attach Brackets" by Charles Kopelson.
"Easily Accessible Fuel Drain" by Charles Kopelson.
"96" Long by avg 15" Deep by avg 26" Wide with a 200 lb Capacity" by Charles Kopelson.
"Aerodynamic Front" by Charles Kopelson.
"Tie Down Rings & Removable Fuel Module" by Charles Kopelson.

IN STOCK: Combination Cargo & Fuel Pods for Experimental Super Cubs

We have several pods that will fit on your experimental Super Cub in stock. Please call us with any questions and to get an estimate on shipping costs.

Our initial production run of pods & fuel modules, as seen in the above pictures, fit the Backcountry Super Cub, SQ-2 and related line of experimental aircraft.

We designed our molds with the ability to easily adapt them to other experimental cub fuselage designs. Please call to discuss your specific needs.

STC Process

If you are in the Colorado area and have a PA-18 or PA-12 aircraft, with a sincere interest in our pod, please contact us. We are actively looking for a Colorado-based (or reasonably close by) PA-18 or PA-12 to work with us on the STC process. We have completed some of the required engineering drawings and operating handbook supplements.

Carbon Fiber Tough

Carbon fiber reinforcements side-to-side with six mount locations insure the most secure pod attachment design possible. Rated maximum operating load is 200 lbs. During the prototype stage, we static-load tested the cargo pod up to 600 lbs. The entire front 1/3 of the pod has a layer of carbon fiber to help protect the pod from rock or other debris damage in the roughest of field operations.

Huge Access Door

With one of the largest access doors available in any production cargo pod, you can load even the bulkiest items. Plus the door design allows you to easily slide our optional fuel module in/out without dropping the pod. With or without the fuel module, our oversize door provides unparalleled access to your cargo and our built in tie-down links allow you to easily secure your items.